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Not enough sleep leaving you tired?

Let’s start first by understanding that not getting enough sleep or restful sleep may be for reasons that are numerous and complex.   Sleep disorders, general medical conditions, mental health conditions and our personal sleep hygiene are just some of the reasons we may not be getting quality sleep.  Poor sleep can lead to a myriad of health conditions including, but not limited to, over eating, obesity, musculoskeletal pain, poor memory, chronic fatigue, and cognition.   My hopes are that this read begins a process of inward reflection.  If reasons and solutions are not apparent then a consultation with your health care provider can shed light and offer solutions.

Let’s start with some important facts:

Just as we work hard at our jobs, education or anything we are wanting to accomplish; the pursuit of quality and restful sleep is no different.  It takes a personal commitment, work, and sometimes a consultation with your health care provider to achieve results that can transform the quality of your life.

Our approach to poor sleep begins with an assessment of your sleep hygiene.  This involves a comprehensive medical history, mental health assessment, level of physical activity, potential stressors.  Lab testing and a sleep study may be needed.  Our approach is individualized to the patient. Treatment is determined by findings based on history, physical exam and testing.  Options for treatment may include lifestyle and behavioral changes, medications or natural supplements. 

If your poor sleep has been on your mind feel free to call us and schedule a consultation.  A night of restful sleep can rejuvenate you and positively impact many aspects of your life. 

Tariq Mallick MD Tariq Mallick MD Board Certified Family Physician and Co-founder at Family Care and Wellness

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