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Influenza (FLU) – What you need to know


Influenza (FLU) – What you need to know


It’s that time of year again!  Yes, I am referring to influenza, also known as the “flu”.  Typically flu season begins in in October and can extend well into March.  This year is particularly important as it relates to influenza since we continue to grapple with COVID, and its evolving strains.  Here are some quick facts to learn about the flu.


What is Influenza (flu)?

The flu is caused by a virus – influenza A and influenza B. 


How is the flu spread?

It is a respiratory virus that is spread by coughing or sneezing.  This releases respiratory droplets that may be inhaled by a person nearby.


What are symptoms of the flu?

Flu can cause illness in the upper airways (nose, throat) and lower airways (lungs). It is important that some or all these symptoms may be present to varying degrees.



Is there a test for the flu?

Yes, there is a rapid test available that can be done.  If you are having symptoms, it is best to be tested within 48 hours of symptom onset, so medications can be started.


Is there a treatment for flu?

Yes, if you have been diagnosed with flu within 48 hours there are antiviral medications that can be taken.


Is there a vaccine?

Yes, there is a flu vaccine, and it is recommended by the CDC for everyone over the age of 6 months. The purpose of the vaccine is to prevent serious infection by the flu and or complications.  There are some cases where you should not get the flu vaccine, it is important to discuss these with your doctor.


If you have questions or are experiencing symptoms, please give us a call at Family Care and Wellness, in Allen TX – (469) 656-1033. 

Tariq Mallick MD Tariq Mallick MD Board Certified Family Physician and Co-founder at Family Care and Wellness

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