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Patient Stories


I was 195 lbs after having my second child. Determined to get back to my pre-baby body, I started doing all of the things that we know we should do.  Eat less food, learn to love salads, do more cardio.  So that's what I did, I ate the "healthy" foods and did all the cardio.  After 6 months, I reached 185, only a 10 pound deficit.  One year later, 185.  Three years later, 185. 

In 2019, I found Family Care and Wellness.  I had chronic back and joint pain, an extremely weak immune system, terrible allergies and asthma, I was depressed, and I felt hopeless.  I didn't know it at the time, but Doctor Mallick and Zayba would change my life.  They began caring for my family.  They really got to know us as a whole unit and showed us some areas of our lives that needed to be improved for our health.   As a teacher and mother of 2 boys, I have always had a steady stream of cortisol flowing through my veins, but I didn't realize how badly it was affecting my health.  With the 2019 pandemic, it only got worse.  Dr. Mallick and Zayba taught me, and my husband, ways to help manage our stress levels.  Before even discussing medication to treat our problems, they taught us ways to prevent and cope with them holistically.  

When my mental health began to improve, I was ready to work with them on my weight.  They put me on a path that helped me lose over 20 pounds in 6 months, after being unable to lose a single pound in 6 years.  The best part is that I have kept it off.  They've taught me about quality of food over quantity, type of exercise over time for exercise, and keeping my mind healthy amidst the chaos that we cannot avoid. Mallick and Zayba's holistic approach to wellness has completely changed my family over the 3 years that we have been with them.  We will forever be grateful.” - Katherine